VIP & Luxury Transfers in Athens - Greece, with Bus, Limousine, SUV, or Car

Situated in the very center of Athens, nearby the legendary Acropolis, PVS – private vehicle services – in Athens, is at clients’ disposal on 24 HOURS, 7 DAY Basis, offering luxurious VIP private transfers in Athens - Greece, with an excellent service and affordable luxury rates, for group, bus, SUV, car and limousine transfers. PVS, is considered among most professional transfer companies in Athens, for its attentive service and brand new luxurious all class vehicles, offering the best safety standards for passengers.

Bus, Mini-Bus, Car, SUV and Limousine Services in Athens, Greece

Operating and specializing for several years in Athens and Mykonos Island in Greece, PVS – private vehicle services – is renowned for its supreme services and attention to all passengers, gained by the long term practical background and specialization in the markets of Athens and Mykonos Island. The professional personnel of PVS Travel & Transfers are all English speaking, providing distinctive service and a high standard comfort to all guests. Furthermore, the company’s fleet is brand new, featuring luxurious elements, such as leather seats, A/C, TV, Wi-Fi and a Mini-Fridge as well.

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